1. Taking public transit instead of a taxi when out late.
  2. Using cloth napkins instead of paper, and cloth to clean up instead of paper towel.
  3. Getting off of catalog lists, and reducing junk mail of all kinds.
  4. Actually using my re-usable mug at school (instead of paper cups).
  5. Kicking the Amazon habit: buying from local stores, that I reach by bike, on foot, or on public transit, instead of ordering online.
  6. Eating less red meat, and then…
  7. Eating less meat of all kinds, and maybe…
  8. Becoming vegetarian (again).
  9. Exploring the world without flying.
  10. Offsetting carbon from flying.
  11. Line-drying instead of the dryer.
  12. Buying secondhand instead of new clothing.
  13. Creating notepads from wasted paper (at school).
  14. Growing herbs.
  15. Kicking the meal-kit habit.
  16. Going one month without buying any plastic bottles, and then…
  17. Going three months without buying any plastic bottles, and then…
  18. Going a whole year with none!

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