The things I do already

It’s important to recognize the things you do every day that you take for granted. Here are some of ours:

  1. We bike to work most days. I do rely on Juno for a car on extremely cold, snowy, or rainy days, but I try to bike whenever possible. Public transit to my workplace is available, but very slow, hence the use of cars in a pinch. My husband takes the subway when he doesn’t bike.
  2. We live in a small apartment, in an urban area, allowing us to walk and/or use public transit frequently.
  3. Neither of us belongs to a gym, so we’re not burning electricity to work off extra calories!
  4. I buy very few paper books these days, preferring to read on my Kindle while also avoiding unnecessary clutter and avoidable use of paper.
  5. We buy toilet paper, paper towels, etc. made from recycled paper.
  6. I avoid extra printing at work by using Google docs for collaboration.
  7. This list has other suggestions for conserving use of paper. Proud to say we do most of them already! I don’t think we’re going to use family cloth instead of toilet paper, but I plan to experiment with cloth napkins and rags for cleaning.
  8. We have several reusable water bottles, for ourselves and our daughter. I’m not perfect at carrying mine with me at all times, something I hope to improve, to prevent those “I’m so thirsty!” moments when out and about.
  9. We have reusable grocery bags, though we aren’t 100% consistent about bringing them with us to the store.

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