It’s been 20 years since I took a class on climate change in college, and still we are debating whether this is something to “believe in,” to take seriously, to take action to prevent. Except that there really is no debate worth having, except that it’s too late now to prevent the climate from changing, as it is already happening, far beyond questions of belief.

I’m a parent, now, and with the recent election it seems very clear that the US will not, any time soon, join other countries to take decisive action on the policy level. My daughter’s future seems likely to be very different from the comfortable present my family enjoys now — and possibly terrifying. When she looks back on this time, on these decades when we knew – we KNEW – what was coming, I want her to see that I did what I could, on multiple levels, from individual actions to influencing policy where possible. And I want to prepare her, to give her the skills and knowledge that will help her survive, help her help others, help make the struggle, whatever it looks like, just a little easier.