Progress report

This week, I bought two plastic bottles (one water, one Coke) at times when I was caught away from home with no water. I also bought us each a new glass water bottle to try to prevent this going forward. Although I’m trying to avoid the “buying new stuff to go green” thing, in this case I realized that having a water bottle with me when I’m out means having 2-3 available – at home and work – so they are available to grab or already in my purse.

I canceled several catalogs via CatalogChoice. My original plan was to keep all our junk mail each week and get some stats on it before throwing it out, but we don’t really have space for that.

This wasn’t our strongest week for kicking the Amazon (and online ordering) habit. I bought a few items of clothing for my daughter from Kidizen, a great app for finding secondhand kids clothes; the downside is that it necessitates delivery. Most of the packages are small and come via USPS, which is coming to my door regardless, so I think it might balance out overall. My husband ordered some books, and I ordered a bulk order of an electrolyte mix (for running) which I couldn’t find locally except in single-serving packets. I also bought some shoes from a brand that’s not in stores. So, lots of packages, lots of delivery miles driven.